There are some puppies at the dog school right now that are just way too cute for me to not take pictures of.  I’m not the kind of girl that thinks any dog is cute if it’s little.  In fact, I am pretty prejudiced against little dogs, I assume they will be biters and yippy and pee on my carpet when they come by to visit, I’m not fooled by their pretty, fluffy exterior. Except for Lucy (Brian). This first dog, however, is cute beyond words.  She is so cute that when they showed up with her, she had been puking in the car for about half an hour and was drooling profusely and I still wanted to just squeeze her to pieces.  She could pee on my carpet and I would think she was adorable while doing it.  She’s spunky and sweet and fluffy and cuteness of her caliber shouldn’t even be allowed to exist.

Jenna-Noelle-Photography-16 Jenna-Noelle-Photography-18


Jenna-Noelle-Photography-9 Jenna-Noelle-Photography-12




Jenna-Noelle-Photography-10 Jenna-Noelle-Photography-24




Jenna-Noelle-Photography-5 Jenna-Noelle-Photography-2



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3 Responses to PUPPIES

  1. Sally Freeman 19 January 2010 at 12:21 am #


  2. Denver Engagement Photographer 22 January 2010 at 5:17 am #

    These are my favorite shots I’ve seen outta you yet. Honestly these are fantastic. Are you a proffesional photographer or what! I’m such a sucker for dogs,…. and great photography.

    • jennaporter 22 January 2010 at 8:13 am #

      awwww…..between these puppies and that comment I feel all warm and fuzzy inside…

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