Oh my gosh, this couple is so good looking!  Mindy and Andrew have a really sweet story.  They are so young, but have already been together five years!  Mindy is in school to be a nurse and Andrew is a teacher.  We planned this shoot out to be fallish and warm, then woke up, morning of, to find a surprise blanket of snow all over everything!  Classic Colorado move.  We decided to be flexible and change the concept.  I told them to put on colors and bundle up!  We did this couples/engagement session in Wash Park in Denver, but what I love most about these pictures is that it doesn’t really seem like they are in a park, it seems like a winter wonderland, and because the cold was unexpected, we were pretty much the only people there!

Denver-engagement-photographer-20 Denver-engagement-photographer-21

They both just have the most beautiful eyes


I like the way her hair looks in this one- I couldn’t have laid it out better myself!

Denver-engagement-photographer-25 Denver-engagement-photographer-26

This next series is an adventure in trying something new.  I had never laid back behind a couple like this, and Mindy and Andrew were definitely freezing their butts off!  But I had this idea, that I wanted to get all the snowy trees in the background and catch this cuddly, playful moment, and I really love the way these came out!


So sweet:


Definitely my favorite shot of the day coming up next.  It’s just one of those shots I can’t keep my eyes off of, I just want to look at it over and over again.  I was so excited about it I ran home and edited it almost immediately and sent the couple a preview.  When I get excited about an image it’s hard for me to walk away from it and deal with it later, I couldn’t wait to see this up on a big screen!


I thought of this shot on the drive over, I wasn’t sure how well it would work, but for this young, playful couple, I think it works great!  Getting the positioning just right took a second, but I love the way these next ones came out!

Denver-engagement-photographer-33 Denver-engagement-photographer-34

It was fun getting these two to laugh and loosen up.  Nobody was expecting having to go out in the cold and get wet and shiver, we had to laugh about the situation!

Denver-engagement-photographer-1 Denver-engagement-photographer-3

This shot is definitely what I mean by winter wonderland.  I love the feel of this, that I just stumbled upon them having a private moment and shot a picture through the branches, it’s so stunning.  It certainly helps to have such amazing models, here!


Every so often a couple feels awkward during a shoot, it was so nice to work with these two who were more than happy to stare into each others eyes for as long as I wanted them to!


I like the serenity of these lake shots


Mindy has such a cute face when she’s laughing:

Denver-engagement-photographer-12 Denver-engagement-photographer-13 Denver-engagement-photographer-14



I had so much fun shooting these two, and because it was so cold, we knocked this whole shoot out in about twenty minutes, including walking time!  Sure enough, a few hours later, all of the snow was melted. I’m so glad we got out there in time, I think these images are so much more unique, and I was really excited to capture these memories for them.



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