Every time I go to Bonnie Brae Ice Cream here in Denver, I always think to myself, “I would love to do a portrait session here!”  It’s just one of those old-fashioned, classic, feel-good places that make you feel nostalgic and warm and fuzzy inside.  I love walking up there and just people watching.  It’s just so quaint, overflowing with little kids running around eating huge ice cream cones, old people lined up on benches relaxing, families enjoying themselves under striped umbrellas, and usually a musician sitting out front strumming a guitar and keeping the mood up.  It’s a Denver landmark, that’s for sure, and my dogs and I frequent the place, sharing ice cream cones to the amusement of all the little kids.  When I met Joy and her lovely daughter Zoe, I couldn’t do enough to tell them how important it was that they let me take some pictures of them there!

Denver-family-portrait-photographer-2  denver-portrait-photographer

I think they are such a cute mother/daughter team.  Both are just so beautiful!  I kept telling Joy that she better watch out for Zoe in a couple years, the boys are going to be knocking down the door!


I couldn’t resist doing this one silly shot:


And doing that silly shot made me realize what beautiful eyes they both have, so I quickly adjusted and made sure to get this one:


When they could eat ice cream no longer, we head down to Wash Park, always a good spot to take lovely pictures:




And then on to this series, “don’t mind me, I”m just going to stand on top of you-be natural!”:



I think Joy looks absolutely stunning in this next image, and Zoe is cracking up about something I said, I wish I could remember!  I love this shot!




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