I had the pleasure of getting to know Gwyn at a local coffee shop.  This woman is an absolute pleasure, and has become such a close friend of mine that I am actually the godmother of the baby in that belly now!  I was there with her while she went through a pregnancy during one of the hottest, driest summers Colorado has ever known, it was brutal!  There was a lot of laying stretched out on my couch watching movies and eating ice cream and hoping it would cool down soon, and then moving out to the patio couch in the impossible event that it actually rained.  I was really excited to do this shoot at Wash Park because the flowers were particularly beautiful last year and we had amazing light that day.  I really love the romantic feel of these images:

denver-maternity-photographer-18  denver-maternity-photographer


This next one on my left is maybe my favorite maternity photo ever, everything just worked!

denver-maternity-photographer-21 denver-family-photographer



Watson didn’t want to leave that belly!  He was two weeks late when they finally induced her and even then, it wasn’t until four days later that he finally made an appearance!  The experience of being in the delivery room was something I can most accurately liken to the awesome book The Red Tent.  It was me, Gwyn, our friend Zoe, Gwyn’s mom, two nurses, and a midwife.  Hands down the most female experience possible.  I am officially terrified of childbirth, but it was an experience I am completely grateful for, I even cut the umbilical cord!  That’s love.  Welcome, Watson!


denver-maternity-photographer-27  denver-maternity-photographer-26

We decided Ikea has cooler living rooms than us, so on a shopping trip, we decided to steal a few photos in their showroom 😉



denver-maternity-photographer-29  denver-family-photographer





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