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The final destination of my manic traveling spree.  This was my first visit to the Big City, but most definitely not the last.  By the time I got to NYC I was pretty exhausted from traveling so much.  I am both spoiled by these modern times and painfully behind them.  Not having a smartphone in a large, unfamiliar city kind of sucks.  I could have used some navigation help.

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I had committed to going to New York months ago, but made a last second decision to go visit one of my favorite cities solo: Boston.  By last second, I mean I had no idea where I was even staying until 5pm the night before I left, and packed at 2am the day of.  It was only $40 to fly from Boston to New York, so I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity.  Also, I have found that I enjoy traveling alone.  Continue Reading →


Uhh…this place is crazy.  I have no idea how people live here, I would turn into a lush in no time flat.  I was here on a Sunday night through Wednesday morning and I have never been so tired in my life.  I even went to bed before midnight every night, and I NEVER do that!  All of my waking hours were spent either walking, drinking, or photographing.  But mostly drinking.  Continue Reading →


So I’m finally getting around to blogging a lot of the things I’ve been just tossing up on facebook.  I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately and also a lot of working, but here is a run down of my most recent whereabouts.  I took this trip to Chicago to visit my very close friend Kate, who, believe it or not, I did not take a single picture of.  This makes absolutely no sense, because she is gorgeous and would totally model for me if I asked her to.  Continue Reading →

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