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Taking these pictures was a downright magical experience.  The volunteers for the Colorado Horse Rescue are completely devoted to these animals, doing the heavy, dirty work of taking care of over 40 large animals in need of serious attention.  All these horses have a story to tell, and meeting them all and learning about them was really touching.  It was a pleasure to shoot the pictures and even going through them to edit was really interesting.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I have. Continue Reading →


There are some puppies at the dog school right now that are just way too cute for me to not take pictures of.  I’m not the kind of girl that thinks any dog is cute if it’s little.  In fact, I am pretty prejudiced against little dogs, I assume they will be biters and yippy and pee on my carpet when they come by to visit, I’m not fooled by their pretty, fluffy exterior. Except for Lucy (Brian). Continue Reading →


I took these pictures a few weeks ago for Brian Kraft and Elizabeth Sundari Kraft.  They have this little barnyard in the middle of Denver highlands with all these chickens and goats and it’s so awesome!  They also are multi-talented in pretty much every way imaginable.  Don’t you hate people like that?!  Anyway, you would never know that they’ve got this going on in their backyard, the animals are totally quiet and love to be pet.  Look how cute they are! Continue Reading →

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