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I shot this wedding a while back as a second shooter with another company.  When you’re a second shooter you usually get stuck with the guys, and it usually means way less opportunity for awesome getting ready pictures.  Well, that was not the case here!  This awesome affair took place in Boulder, CO and was meant to be a celebration of Boulder about as much as it was a celebration of love.  The getting ready happened at the Hotel Boulderado (amazing/haunted hotel that I believe was the first hotel ever built in Boulder), the ceremony took place in front of the Boulder County Courthouse, there was then a celebratory parade up and down the Pearl Street Mall, complete with noisemakers and bagpipers, leading up to the reception at the Boulder Theater.  I loved it!   Continue Reading →



I don’t do commercial work very often, but when I do, I choose them well!  Who doesn’t want to go behind the scenes with a chocolatier?  Haven’t we all been dreaming about this opportunity since we first saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and envisioned ourselves swimming in a chocolate river (but NOT getting sucked up into the tube)?  Sadly, there was no chocolate river at Black Star Chocolates, or edible wallpaper, or strange orange miniature slaves, but there was a LOT of chocolate, and I got to eat plenty of it!   Continue Reading →



I had the pleasure of getting to know Gwyn at a local coffee shop.  This woman is an absolute pleasure, and has become such a close friend of mine that I am actually the godmother of the baby in that belly now!  I was there with her while she went through a pregnancy during one of the hottest, driest summers Colorado has ever known, it was brutal!  There was a lot of laying stretched out on my couch watching movies and eating ice cream and hoping it would cool down soon, and then moving out to the patio couch in the impossible event that it actually rained.  I was really excited to do this shoot at Wash Park because the flowers were particularly beautiful last year and we had amazing light that day.  I really love the romantic feel of these images: Continue Reading →



I had the pleasure of working with this sweet couple a while back when they were expecting their first child.  Stephanie and Nathan live in Gunbarrell, CO and have an adorable dog named Bella and are one of those couples that does the paleo diet and actually stick to it.  I would love to be as committed to health and routine and what not as they are, they both look great! Continue Reading →



Oh my gosh, this couple is so good looking!  Mindy and Andrew have a really sweet story.  They are so young, but have already been together five years!  Mindy is in school to be a nurse and Andrew is a teacher.  We planned this shoot out to be fallish and warm, then woke up, morning of, to find a surprise blanket of snow all over everything!  Classic Colorado move.  We decided to be flexible and change the concept.  I told them to put on colors and bundle up!  We did this couples/engagement session in Wash Park in Denver, but what I love most about these pictures is that it doesn’t really seem like they are in a park, it seems like a winter wonderland, and because the cold was unexpected, we were pretty much the only people there! Continue Reading →



Every time I go to Bonnie Brae Ice Cream here in Denver, I always think to myself, “I would love to do a portrait session here!”  It’s just one of those old-fashioned, classic, feel-good places that make you feel nostalgic and warm and fuzzy inside.  I love walking up there and just people watching.  It’s just so quaint, overflowing with little kids running around eating huge ice cream cones, old people lined up on benches relaxing, families enjoying themselves under striped umbrellas, and usually a musician sitting out front strumming a guitar and keeping the mood up.  It’s a Denver landmark, that’s for sure, and my dogs and I frequent the place, sharing ice cream cones to the amusement of all the little kids.  When I met Joy and her lovely daughter Zoe, I couldn’t do enough to tell them how important it was that they let me take some pictures of them there! Continue Reading →



Well they were, at least!  It’s been a long time since I last blogged, the past year has been a whirlwind in the world of Jenna Noelle Photography!  I went from having no websites to having two, getting myself on the Knot and Wedding Wire and various other wedding mecca’s, and am soon to be featured in a bridal blog, I’m so excited!  Unfortunately, this has left the blog totally neglected.  But I’m back, and excited to be writing again!  Let’s hit rewind and start where I left off, many a photoshoot has happened between my last post and now!  I can’t think of a better place to start than with this maternity session with the adorable couple, Bucky and Carla, pictured here with their trio of chihuahua-looking doggies and in their very cool, very creative nursery: Continue Reading →


Welcome to Jenna Noelle Photography!  This is where the new blog lives, be sure to subscribe as I am going to start posting right away!  Here you will be able to see images that I will not be posting anywhere else, as well as get to know my personality and what is going on in my life and business!  I can’t wait to get started!

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