Well they were, at least!  It’s been a long time since I last blogged, the past year has been a whirlwind in the world of Jenna Noelle Photography!  I went from having no websites to having two, getting myself on the Knot and Wedding Wire and various other wedding mecca’s, and am soon to be featured in a bridal blog, I’m so excited!  Unfortunately, this has left the blog totally neglected.  But I’m back, and excited to be writing again!  Let’s hit rewind and start where I left off, many a photoshoot has happened between my last post and now!  I can’t think of a better place to start than with this maternity session with the adorable couple, Bucky and Carla, pictured here with their trio of chihuahua-looking doggies and in their very cool, very creative nursery:


Denver-maternity-photographer-21  Denver-maternity-photographer-20

I came to know Bucky by working together briefly at a local hamburger joint, Park Burger.  Best burgers, fries, and milkshakes in town, if you ask me!  And Bucky here is responsible for much of that.  As executive chef, he is responsible for delicious creations like blueberry muffin milkshakes and a variety of creative and awesome burgers, including one called the “Scarpone,” affectionately named after his lovely wife Carla’s maiden name.  Bucky and Carla are one of the most attractive couples I have ever seen.  Carla was one of those pregnant women you can only hope to look as good as when you one day become pregnant, and I think it’s the general consensus among women that Bucky could just model.  They are one of those cool couples with an effortless and impeccable sense of style.  They chose not to know the sex of the baby ahead of time, and so painted their nursery unisex colors with an amazing carnival theme-so cute!


It was far too lovely out to shoot everything indoors, though, so we headed outside for a nice fall photoshoot at a lake walking distance from their house.  The Denver Highlands area is a mix of old Victorian homes and trendy shops and restaurants, there are plenty of amazing places to shoot in the area!  But first, I had to snap these quick, sweet shots at their front door:

Denver-maternity-photographer  Denver-maternity-photographer-6

We got lucky with amazing light that afternoon!  I love this first image, they are so in love 😉




Carla is just so cute!  I love it when I don’t even have to finish my sentence and clients already know what I’m going for.  These two are total naturals!


I loved these tall reeds in the background, I couldn’t take enough of these seated pictures!





Always have to get the belly shot.  When you’re a chef, you’re not supposed to wear jewelry on your hands or wrists, so Bucky simply got the word “taken” tattooed on his ring finger-I love it!

Denver-maternity-photographer-28  Denver-maternity-photographer

I think the thing I loved most about this shoot is that it isn’t just about the bump, these two have such a sweet connection, I really enjoyed capturing it on film  Update!  Bucky and Carla are now the proud parents of a little girl- welcome, Penelope!

Denver-maternity-photographer-26  Denver-maternity-photographer

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