The final destination of my manic traveling spree.  This was my first visit to the Big City, but most definitely not the last.  By the time I got to NYC I was pretty exhausted from traveling so much.  I am both spoiled by these modern times and painfully behind them.  Not having a smartphone in a large, unfamiliar city kind of sucks.  I could have used some navigation help.

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I have met so many interesting people at the Bardo Coffee House.  Somewhere near the top of the scale is Cate Flaherty, a local street performer.  This woman can do a handstand just about anywhere, so when she came to me requesting photos doing handstands in my coffee shop, I was quite interested.  Continue Reading →


I had committed to going to New York months ago, but made a last second decision to go visit one of my favorite cities solo: Boston.  By last second, I mean I had no idea where I was even staying until 5pm the night before I left, and packed at 2am the day of.  It was only $40 to fly from Boston to New York, so I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity.  Also, I have found that I enjoy traveling alone.  Continue Reading →


Uhh…this place is crazy.  I have no idea how people live here, I would turn into a lush in no time flat.  I was here on a Sunday night through Wednesday morning and I have never been so tired in my life.  I even went to bed before midnight every night, and I NEVER do that!  All of my waking hours were spent either walking, drinking, or photographing.  But mostly drinking.  Continue Reading →


So I’m finally getting around to blogging a lot of the things I’ve been just tossing up on facebook.  I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately and also a lot of working, but here is a run down of my most recent whereabouts.  I took this trip to Chicago to visit my very close friend Kate, who, believe it or not, I did not take a single picture of.  This makes absolutely no sense, because she is gorgeous and would totally model for me if I asked her to.  Continue Reading →


Taking these pictures was a downright magical experience.  The volunteers for the Colorado Horse Rescue are completely devoted to these animals, doing the heavy, dirty work of taking care of over 40 large animals in need of serious attention.  All these horses have a story to tell, and meeting them all and learning about them was really touching.  It was a pleasure to shoot the pictures and even going through them to edit was really interesting.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I have. Continue Reading →



I stumbled across this event while searching for apartments and definitely had to take some pictures.  These mansions are ridiculous.  It was beautiful and summery. Continue Reading →


There are some puppies at the dog school right now that are just way too cute for me to not take pictures of.  I’m not the kind of girl that thinks any dog is cute if it’s little.  In fact, I am pretty prejudiced against little dogs, I assume they will be biters and yippy and pee on my carpet when they come by to visit, I’m not fooled by their pretty, fluffy exterior. Except for Lucy (Brian). Continue Reading →

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