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About the Company  I do not do photography just to pay the bills, and I don’t do it to afford fancy camera equipment, it’s the other way around!  I genuinely enjoy shooting images in the style that I do.  I treat every client like a friend, I want to know their story because I want to make sure I tell it right in my pictures.  It’s really important to me to not go to a shoot with an agenda of just doing the job.  I try to take a shot I’ve never done before every time.  It’s so boring to stick to the same shots just because you know they work.  I chose to start my own business and develop my own company because I have a specific vision and a specific way of achieving it. I think the most common feedback I get from clients is that they really appreciate my laid back approach, that I allow them to be themselves and I’m not overbearing.  People smiling in my images are smiling because I made them laugh, not because I told them to.  Couples holding each other are doing so because I asked them to be themselves.  Outfits are chosen not by color coordination or attempts to be fancy, but by whether or not you feel like yourself in them.  That’s how I capture what I do.

About Me I started photography as a hobby in high school, shooting film and spending hours upon hours in the darkroom.  In college I studied philosophy and molecular biology while working in and monitoring the campus darkroom.  Soon after graduating from University of Colorado at Boulder I took an internship with the highest grossing wedding photography company in New Mexico.  After a couple years I moved back to Colorado and started freelancing and contracting for some of the top photographers in the state as a lead photographer. At this time I also took a job at Colorado Photographic Arts Center where I helped orchestrate gallery shows, in one of which an image of mine was curated as the headliner of the show by Adam Lerner (curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver).  I have participated and sold work in the bi-annual Denver Month of Photography event that boasts work from some of the greatest artists in the country.  After years of working with and learning from dozens of photographers while doing personal private commissions on the side, I decided to launch myself as my own brand.  More of my work can be seen on my weddings site.

My Mission I show up at any photo shoot with a feeling of responsibility to depict you, your moments, your relationships, and your things in the way you see them. I want you to look at your pictures and say, “Oh that’s exactly how I pictured it! This is exactly how I remember it! How did you catch that?!” To me, that’s a success, and I always look forward to opportunities do just that.

What People Are Saying

We had an extremely difficult time finding a photographer in Colorado who we liked. Everyone was the same! We were very relieved to have found Jenna, we knew she could document our garden wedding in the simple vintage style we wanted. We were not disappointed! Jenna was extremely easy to work with. Her presence went entirely unnoticed at our reception, and our photographs are lovely. Weddings can be incredibly stressful. It was nice to have one thing feel so effortless while producing such perfect results. We would recommend her for any occasion!

—Jacquelyn and Ricky Quinn

You’re a hell of an artist Jenna! You somehow “get” certain aspects out of the shot that most don’t, and your eye for what’s GOOD is impeccable. Further, your eye/talent somehow translates the FEEL of the moment. Mandi and the kids agree. We can pick your photos out almost all of the time when I test them blindly against other top famous type photographers I’ve found on Google from around the globe.

—Mandi and Chad Pearson

Jenna is a professional, creative, and enthusiastic photographer. She loves her job and it shows. I wouldn’t ask anyone else to capture those special moments, because every shot is unique and specially created for you.

—Amy Shamburg

We loved working with Jenna on our wedding day! She was prepared, attentive, and open to all of our request. Her confidence and communication allowed us to enjoy our day, while she zipped around taking candid and creative photos. I was thrilled when we received our photos, because Jenna was truly able to capture the merriment and sincerity of our day!

—Linda and Mathew McConnell


All photography purchased from Jenna Noelle Photography include the following:

  • Password-protected online slideshow and proofing site, from which you can easily and affordably order prints if you choose
  • All edited photos in hi-res on DVD with no watermarks
  • Complete printing rights so you can do whatever you would like with your images


I recently restructured my wedding pricing to make it more simple and custom tailored to your day.  All of my wedding portfolios and information, including pricing, can now be seen on my awesome, new, and easy to use wedding site.  Check it out!


Individual, Senior, Child, Infant: $250

All basic portrait shoots as listed above include one half hour of photography shooting a single individual,  a DVD of fifteen hi-res, edited images, and access to an online slideshow and printing service.

Family, Maternity, or Group Photography: $300

Includes one hour of photography, a DVD of fifteen hi-res, edited images, and access to an online slideshow and printing service.

Engagement: $350

Includes one hour of photography, a DVD of fifteen hi-res,  edited images, and access to an online slideshow and printing service. PROMOTION! I offer 20% off engagement sessions when you book them at the same time as a wedding!

Pet: $200

Includes one half hour of photography, a DVD of ten hi-res, edited images, and access to an online slideshow and printing service.



Headshots are $100 per person, including fifteen minutes of photography, and two images.  They may be shot against a traditional backdrop or in an environment or background of your choosing, so long as it’s conducive to good images.


Please email for custom quotes on commercial work!

Please feel free to call or email if you have any further questions.  I don’t employ a secretary, I answer my own phone calls, I read all my own emails, I personally re-touch all of my images, and if you choose Jenna Noelle Photography, you get me start to finish because, quite frankly, I just don’t trust anyone else to bring the care to my clients that I believe they should have!

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